News & Reports – November 2018 [Online Edition]

The Online Edition of the November 2018 BFM News & Reports is available at the link below. Read how God is working through the lives of our faithful missionaries and continue to pray for them.

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Inaugural Service of Upper Room Baptist Chapel


The Tate Family has served the Lord in Kitale, Kenya since January 2008. Their main ministry is church planting.

October 27, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Upper Room Baptist Chapel has begun (see last month’s newsletter for an explanation of the name). What is the end goal? The end goal is an organized and fully functional church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Are we there yet? No, not by a long shot. But we have begun the journey and we will see where God will lead and take us in the future.

I have begun the Upper Room Baptist Chapel with Sunday services and worship. These services include, of course: Singing and worshipping, prayer, teaching and preaching the Word of God and fellowship. Our first service was Sunday, October 21st. We still have a few things to iron out but in all I think things went well, despite my anxiety. I am trying to specifically NOT “look and feel” like a typical Kitale church. The worship, the teaching that actually comes from the Bible, and the focus on following Jesus are all very different than what most Kitaleans generally experience. Julie said afterward, “I doubt any of them have ever heard anything like you before”. I think she meant it as a compliment, but we shall see how the people who hear me take to it. For now, I just want them to hear the Word of God so the Spirit of God can work in their hearts and in their lives. The Word of God is so lacking in the churches of Kitale and thus in the lives of most of those who call themselves Christians.

A picture of our inaugural service at Upper Room Baptist Chapel.

Including Julie, Chloe and myself, we had a total of twenty people (adults and children) in attendance at our inaugural service. Although I am trying not to focus at all on numbers, I am pretty pleased with that number of twenty. I wasn’t sure if anyone at all would actually come to our inaugural service. I invited a lot of people and I never asked for promises from those I invited, but probably 90-100 people freely offered their promise to come anyway (that actually would have been problematic for me as I only have seats for about 45 people). I didn’t know whether to expect zero people or a hundred. I praise God for the twenty that came.

We began by singing and praising God for about 30 minutes using some traditional hymns and other choruses I hoped some people would know. I led the worship on my guitar. This leading of music on the guitar caused me as much anxiety as anything. I am NOT musically inclined, I am NOT good at playing the guitar, I am NOT talented at leading music, and I CAN’T sing worth a hoot. But since there was no one else to do it, the lot fell to me and we all got through it with a little stumbling and a lot of glorifying God. Next came my message. I am trying to keep my messages simple, straightforward, and Biblical, Biblical, Biblical. Do you see the focus on Biblical there? That is what we need here. My inaugural message came from Mark 4:35-41 and was entitled “Jesus is in the Boat”. This is the passage where the Disciples are afraid of drowning in their storm-tossed boat and Jesus is asleep in the stern. The main point of my message was that Jesus is the Son of God, that he cares about what we face in this life and that He is in the boat with us. Since God is in the boat with us, he is able and willing to dispel our fears and lack of faith in the midst of the storms that rage around us. I preached this message because I, more than anyone else, needed it. My message for this coming Sunday will be “How to Identify a Follower of Jesus” from John 13:31-38.

How many people should I expect for our next service? I really have no idea. Some of those who came last Sunday are Kenyan friends of ours and I know they attend other churches. They came to our inaugural service to support and show love to me, their friend, as I start a new ministry. They probably will be returning to their churches this week. What about the others that came and the ones I invited this week who have promised to come? I really have no idea. We might be starting back with zero again. But God knows and it is up to God to do what only He can do and to bless this work as it honors and glorifies Him. I met personally this morning with one of last Sunday’s attendees and he said, “Roger, I’m with you forever”. I’ll continue to point him away from me and towards Jesus, but, I still hope he returns.

May I be faithful and may God be glorified.

Until next month, beloved.
May God’s peace and joy be with you.
For the glory of God in Kenya,
Roger & Julie Tate (and Amy, Josiah & Chloe)

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São Paulo & Paraná Churches Gather in Marília

Jud and Raquel Hatcher serve the Lord in São Paulo, Brazil. They are part of the “SeedFactory” church planting initiative, which is a movement to plant churches in all 26 Brazilian capitals. Since 2006, 43 churches have been started in 5 states.

October 26, 2018

Dear friends,

The Lord is doing some amazing things around us and we are so grateful for all He is doing.


We were growing uneasy with the education the kids were receiving, despite the local public school being one of the best in São Paulo. Through a series of rapid events we were able to enroll our children in an American Christian private school. The kids went through the assessments and necessary interviews to start and are loving their new school. We are now on the American academic calendar which facilitates when we travel to and from the States, as their academic school year will no longer be goofed. We are grateful to the BFM directors as they worked with and assisted us in the process of making this decision.

The school is located on the other side of town and with morning rush hour it took 1 hour and 40 minutes to arrive. The Lord again showed us His hand of grace and provided a good house. The first day of school was also our move-in to the house. We are now three minutes away by car.

The school has a great athletic program. Sarah and Laura are on the JV basketball team and Benjamin is in the boy’s soccer team. Melissa is learning how to play basketball. We are overjoyed with the academic and athletic attention our kids are receiving.

Raquel is working hard at making our new house a home. I admire her “can do” attitude as we work together in this home and school transition with the kids.


I recently had the privilege to serve as the key-note speaker at the Baptist Faith (informal) Association of São Paulo and Paraná churches. These were churches started by John Hatcher and Odali Barros during their ministries in that region. Churches from all over drove into the city of Marília for this holiday event. The event was organized by Baptist Faith Church, led by Pastor Gilberto Stefano. Gilberto was mentored in pastoral ministry by Grandpa and he is a tremendous leader. There were 588 people in attendance. Marilía is a 5-hour drive from the capitol. I went and returned on the same day to fulfill my other commitments in São Paulo. It was a sweet, sweet day and it was amazing to see so many friends.

Our move still allows us to continue working with the three home gatherings in the other part of the city. It also allows us to expand. In this next phase we are looking to lease a meeting hall or school for church gatherings. I met yesterday with a pastor whose English speaking church does not use their facilities on Sunday evenings and sent a lease proposal for their consideration for us to use the space on Sunday nights and once a week. The location is situated near two subway stations of a recently inaugurated train line. If the Lord opens this door, this will be our new base and training center. Our team is coming into place too. We have a worship leader and a “knows everyone” leader that will compose our leadership team. Pray for us as we wait for the decision to lease the church’s facility.

Grateful always,
Jud Hatcher

Judson & Raquel Hatcher
(859) 544-9040
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Praising God for His Protection; Getting Ready for Tapioca Festival

Odali and Kathy Barros served the Lord in Sao Paulo, Brazil together from 1987-2013. In late 2013, they transitioned to Manaus in Northern Brazil to start sharing the Gospel and planting churches in villages along the river.

October 25, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We pray all is well with each of you. We are all well and praising God for His love and protection. We certainly saw God’s protection in our son Jonas’ life. He was helping a friend from church get his bulldozers out of the hole and they put a rope around a palm tree that we have here that is very strong. All of a sudden, they heard a snap. The tree was falling. It missed Jonas’ head and back and landed near his hips and got stopped by a bunch of dirt which kept the tree from falling in full strength on our son. Praise the Lord! No broken bones!!!! He has to rest for 30 to 60 days.

We had a special day for Children’s Day. We spent the day at the camp. Everyone had a great time. We had a service and games and swimming time—a great time for families to be together. We had people from the Indian tribe to come for one of our special events for the first time. They are from the community of Ubim. More and more of them are coming each week to the mission point.

This month we are already getting ready for our tapioca festival. Tapioca is a typical food here and is round like pancake. Then you fill it with different flavors and fold it. We are making 10 different flavors. We have the festivals for outreach to bring people to visit our church and present the gospel. Everything is free. When we invite people, they can’t believe it’s free. Also, we like to have these kinds of programs to get our members involved in reaching out to our communities.

We thank each of you for your prayers and support.

We are praying and looking for a new car. We are on the road a lot. Pray that God well lead us to the right deal. God bless each of you.

Odali & Kathy Barros

Odali & Kathy Barros
Caixa Postal 1
Iranduba, Amazonas 69.415.000
Brasil, S.A.

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Bro. Brandon’s Courage and Wisdom Brought to Fruition in Porto Walter!

Mike and Beverly Creiglow have served the Lord in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil together since 1971. In addition to pastoring First Baptist of Cruzeiro do Sul, Mike builds his own boats and frequently travels up and down rivers to share the Gospel with those who have never heard.

October 15, 2018

Dear Brethren,

Our founder, missionary Joseph F Brandon, arrived in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre in 1926. He was the first man to bring the gospel to the Juruá valley. Just 3 years later he organized First Baptist Church with 13 members. He continued to share the Good News in the villages along the river with his new converts. To reach these distant villages he had a boat built and named it “The Pilgrim”. Many of the members of first Baptist traveled with him.

About 100 miles upstream he came to a little town called Porto Walter. At the time, Porto Walter was the biggest village other than Cruzeiro do Sul. It was a major hub for the collection of native rubber and distribution of merchandise to the rubber workers. The nuns and priests put in their biggest schools there. Children came from all around to go to these schools, which had dorms for the kids. The Catholic religious leaders were actually more powerful and influential than in Cruzeiro do Sul.

When Brother Brandon arrived there and was getting ready to land, the head priest, a stern and cruel German named Dom Henrique, sent a mob down to the river’s edge. As one of Brother Brandon’s new converts grabbed the rope and got ready to jump ashore, one of the men in the crowd, brandishing his machete, said, “If you try to tie up here I will cut the rope and cut you up, too!” Brother Brandon backed away from the confrontation. “The Pilgrim” moved on up river to a little village called Campo de Santana. There he preached and many were saved. We still have a congregation there to this day.

After the threat by the most powerful man on the Juruá River, Dom Henrique, it seemed as if Porto Walter was put off limits to the gospel. When we first visited Campo de Santana in the early 60’s I found it strange that we would pass this big town by to visit a little congregation further upstream.

Later on I was called to be a missionary and I too would pass Porto Walter and continue spreading the Gospel all the way up the Juruá and into Peru. It just wasn’t right. Then in the early 90’s I made a special visit to the town to “case the place”, you might say. In 1992 I made a strong appeal for a missionary to Porto Walter in our annual missions and pastors conference. Two years later First Baptist Church sent Brother Mário and family. I took them up, rented a house and started looking for property. The Catholic church was not at all happy that these “crentes” (believers) had dared to invade their territory. It was really hard and the persecution was nonstop, although they were no longer able to use bodily harm as a tool to try to stop us.

Nine years ago, we sent Mário to a new field. In his place we sent Alexandre and Rejane. They had just finished seminary and had spent several months in our own internship at First Baptist Church to complete their training.

Last week I went up to visit the work and celebrate our 24th anniversary of the first steps of our work at Porto Walter. We now have a parsonage and a new 2 story building. The building is still under construction, but usable. We had 3 days of teaching and preaching. Three more people were saved and on Sunday morning I baptized 21 new members.

Here is the best part though: On Sunday night, October 14, 2018 we organized First Baptist Church of Porto Walter with 158 charter members. The church already has 4 congregations that they visit every weekend. They bought 2 boats and motors to take their missionaries to their fields.

The cruelty of those priests and nuns of years past is now just a faint memory in the history of Porto Walter as hundreds flock to First Baptist Church every week to hear the Word of God.

As for the priest Dom Henrique, all that is left is his name on a school here in town. He eventually became the bishop over the whole Juruá Valley parish, but left no lasting legacy. Jesus Christ is leaving a vivid lasting mark on all of this region by way of his churches and servants.

Brother Brandon, “The Pilgrim” and her precious cargo didn’t live to see what I have seen. However, his courage and wisdom have come to fruition. His legacy is eternal.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. God bless you as much as He has us.

In Christ,
Mike Creiglow

Mike and Beverly Creiglow
Caixa Postal 24
Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil 69980
mdcreig [at]

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In São Paulo for Two Seminary Classes

The Hensleys have spent nearly 20 years serving in Brazil. They have established a church in Caraguatatuba and mission points throughout the city. They have also recently started a seminary to train pastors.

October 13, 2018

Dear friends and family,

The last two months have flown by so fast, as though they were only two weeks. I have made two trips to Brasil planning for and doing research for the next seminary classes. I will be returning to São Paulo on October 14 for the next two classes in the Seminary. These classes will be “Survey of the New Testament” and “Pastoral Training”.

What a blessing it is that we have pastors here in the States that are willing to give of their time to help us with the training of Brasilian pastors and church leaders. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to their Churches for allowing them to leave their pulpits to come teach here in Brasil. What an AWESOME God we all serve.

We will be welcoming two new professors to our Brasilian Seminary this Month. They are Dr. Chris Dortch of First Baptist Church of Mt. Sterling, KY, and Dr. Steven Scherer of Central Baptist Church in Paris, KY. Dr. Dortch will be teaching New Testament Survey and this course is designed to provide a basic introduction to each of the New Testament books. There will be special focus on the revelation of Jesus Christ in each book. Also, it will focus on providing keys to understanding each book in the context of the entirety of the scriptures. Pastor Scherer will be teaching Pastoral Ministries. This course is designed to equip the student for Pastoral Ministry by examining the various aspects of ministry required of pastors serving in local churches. It also includes identifying biblical absolutes, priorities and qualifications needed for effective pastoring within the local church.

I am working with some Pastors from Garça, São Paulo, planning our next Seminary classes in 2019. We have asked Pastor Russell Zik of Durbin Baptist Church to be the professor for this class. Also pray for us as we consider the locations for the next classes. Pray for our professors as they leave their comfort zone to help further the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Children in Sunday School Class at Pr. Ricardo Posca’s church in São Paulo

Pr. Ricardo Posca’s church in São Paulo

While I am in São Paulo, I plan to see Pr. Ricardo Posca from our previous class who Barbara and I chose to help support in his endeavors to start a church in São Paulo. At this time, he has 20 members and is starting a Sunday School for the children and there are about 15 children in attendance (photos included). Please keep him and this work in your prayers. Also, one of the other missionaries that we are helping that works with the Indians in Parati, Pr. Valdival, has had a heart attack and has to leave his work for four months for recuperation. Please keep him and his wife in your prayers as they have to leave their home and work to recuperate.

I am planning to be back in the United States by November 1st because of my cancer treatments and my appointments. I have an appointment with the cancer doctor on the 3rd and hopefully I will get a good report. Please pray with me and for me in these days ahead.

In His service,
Aj and Barbara

Aj and Barbara Hensley
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Disciples Disciple

Missionaries John Mark and Judy Hatcher have been serving the Lord in Tournefeuille, France since 1999. They define their ministry as “disciple-making.”

Missionaries John Mark and Judy Hatcher have been serving the Lord in Tournefeuille, France since 1999. They define their ministry as “disciple-making.”

October 8, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope you had an encouraging day with God’s people yesterday as we did here. Our time of worship yesterday was very uplifting. Before Sunday School and teaching time, members of the congregation are invited to choose songs that God has brought to their minds and hearts. Between the singing of songs, the opportunity is given for the believers to read aloud scripture passages that God has used in speaking to them during the previous week. They are also encouraged to give witness of their gratitude for the way they God has worked specifically in their lives during the week.

This is our practice because God’s word clearly teaches us to “…consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another…” (Hebrews 10:24-25) and “speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.” (Ephesians 4:15-16)

On Sunday afternoons we have a church leadership meeting to discuss how we are seeing God at work and how we can best proceed to do what He has given us to do. We are very encouraged by the spiritual growth of the members of the congregation and the way they are applying God’s teaching to their lives daily.

Besides Sunday School and worship there are a number of gatherings that take place during the week for learning and mutual encouragement. Here is what this week looks like: Tuesday morning, Judy participates in a ladies’ prayer meeting that is hosted this week by Amanda in her home in Plaisance-du-Touch. Tuesday evening I lead a Bible study from Ephesians in a home in city of Pibrac. Wednesday morning Judy participates in a Bible study led by our co-worker Wendy in the city of Toulouse. Wednesday afternoon I have a live interactive Bible study on internet studying the Gospel of John. Thursday evening Philip is leading a Bible study in Job held in a member’s home in the city of Cugnaux. Saturday evening Philip and Amanda host the Youth meeting in their home.

These meetings don’t take place in a vacuum. Philip works as an engineer and will be in Sweden a couple days this week. Philip and Amanda’s family is very active with four teenagers going to 3 different schools in three different towns and Amanda gives many piano lessons several days a week. All of us have other activities where we seek to contact unsaved people. We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Disciples disciple. Last weekend our two older granddaughters, Abigail (17) and Nathalie (16) were at a rustic conference location. They along with two of their Christian friends implemented a Bible program they had put together for the entire weekend and took care of a dozen children ages 18 months to 11 while missionary friends of ours from Bordeaux had leadership training for the leaders in their church plant and outreach ministries.

God has raised up good teachers in our church. There are two ladies and two men in the church who also teach. There are folks who were saved here who now are active as members and teachers in churches in other countries. What a joy to serve here and have you as our ministry partners. Please pray for us. Pray for God to help us to be effective in communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ and continue to make disciples who will also make disciples.

In God’s field in France,
John and Judy Hatcher

John Mark & Judy Hatcher
4, rue d’Aspin
31170 Tournefeuille, France

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The Love of Christ Changes a Whole Family!

Bobby, Charlene, Jessie, and Brennen Wacaser have served the Lord as church planters in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, since 1985.

October 4, 2018

Dear Friends,

Our outreach team just arrived from a 3 week trip ministering in the interior towns of our state, Paraná. Most of these team members are seasoned missionaries with life experiences that have “toughened” them up and prepared them to deal with just about anything. But there were some interactions in a couple of towns that had even the most experienced missionaries overwhelmed with emotion. While receiving a free haircut, one young man began to share his life’s experiences. He had just recently been released from prison, which he fully admitted the guilt of the crime that sent him there. While in prison he had been beaten and tortured many times by other inmates. As he shared this with the worker, he didn’t shed a tear or even appear to be emotional. It was after the haircut that the missionary shared with him how Jesus had taken our punishment for sin upon himself and that the guilt and condemnation that we deserved was paid for because of God’s love for us when Jesus suffered and died on the cross. When the young man, who knew that he was deservedly in prison, realized how great God’s mercy and love for him is, he was overwhelmed with amazement and just broke down crying. After fully explaining to the young man what it means to surrender to Christ as Lord and Savior, the young man immediately did so. From that moment on he was totally different in his disposition and outward appearance.

In another town nearby the team was ministering in a public square. There was a teenage boy who hung around all day, but kept a distance and didn’t seem interested in talking with any of our workers personally. It was almost like the last second in a “do-or-die” situation in our public presentation of the gospel when the boy came over to one of our missionaries. He began to open up and share that he and his whole family were going through some very depressing experiences. All three adult family members in the home had lost their jobs and there was no more money to buy anything. On top of that, a close aunt had recently been stabbed to death before their eyes by her husband. The boy felt that there was no hope for him in the world. The worker started there with his confession of hopelessness and began to show him the great love of Christ. He explained the Scriptures to him and how to become a child of the King of all kings. The boy surrendered to Christ that moment. Afterward he ran home to tell his family and he brought them back to talk to the outreach team also. Through their sharing of the gospel, the whole family trusted in Jesus Christ and made their faith public. The family was so overjoyed with their newfound hope and the love they felt from Christ through the mission team that they couldn’t pull themselves away from them as they prepared to leave town. The team was also overwhelmed with how much love and gratitude they displayed and they couldn’t help breaking down in tears as they said goodbye. We are thankful that the local pastor has opportunity to begin discipling these newborn Christians and he is glad that his church is blessed with new life in it.

At our home church we held a couples’ seminar and there were several unchurched couples who attended. We attempt to put on four of these seminars per year and use them with a two-fold purpose: 1) to provide a venue for our members to invite their unchurched friends and family members and 2) to share the gospel of Jesus with the unsaved through our love and preached message. My wife, Charlene, is so instrumental in putting these events together. She does an amazing job with the details of the event like decorating and providing refreshments, but even more so through her captivating personality inviting friends she develops in her day-to-day living experiences. As I was counting how many visiting couples we had there that were not church members, I noticed that, of those that were present, fifty percent were Charlene’s invitees. I am blessed to have her by my side.
Please keep us in your prayers in the upcoming months. Like many of you, from now until the end of the year we have quite a few special events planned and they will require a lot of energy and resources to pull off with quality.

Thank you so much for your love and concern for us.

In Christ’s love,
Bobby and Charlene Wacaser

Bobby and Charlene Wacaser
Rua Laudelino Ferreira Lopes, 279
Sobrado 1, Novo Mundo
81050-310 Curitiba, PR. Brasil
Phone: 55-41-99899-2333

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News & Reports – October 2018 [Online Edition]

The Online Edition of the October 2018 BFM News & Reports is available at the link below. Read how God is working through the lives of our faithful missionaries and continue to pray for them.

Click here to read the BFM News & Reports – October 2018 edition!


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Young Man Seeks Discipleship

Nathan and Carrie Radford serve the Lord in Kitale, Kenya. Their main ministries include indigenous church planting, a prison ministry, and a hospital ministry for mothers with premature babies.

October 3, 2018

Dear praying friends,

Another month has come and gone, and we are thankful for the Lord’s care, protection, and guidance for our lives. What a great God we serve, and He deserves all glory and praise. This update will give current ministry updates as well as share prayer requests.

Please pray for our daughters and their schooling here in Kitale. They are really making many friends, and having many activities, so we are praying about how to balance what they are getting at school along with homeschooling. The school uses the local Kenyan curriculum and we have found that this isn’t sufficient to prepare our daughters for their futures. Therefore, we find we have the need to balance homeschooling with the girls also attending the school for socialization. This is not an easy task, but one we are praying about. It has been challenging to balance both, and we would appreciate your prayers for us for wisdom and guidance for them for the future. We are very thankful for this school for them and the many friends they are making. They are also learning some Swahili, the language of Kenya. I listened to my daughters singing the “1 through 10” song in Swahili to me recently, and it was really encouraging. It goes something like “Moja, Mbili, Tatu, Nne, Tano, Sita, Saba, Nane, Tisa Hadi Kumi.” They will certainly pick up the Swahili quickly at their age, something I still struggle with but try to use when I am in the villages training.

Speaking of villages, please continue to pray for the village ministry in Rafiki where I (Nathan) am training a younger Kenyan man in his home area. We have continued along in our discipleship course, and it is going well. I recently taught him on opposition, with the idea that he will face opposition as he serves the Lord. But, for him to stand strong, rely on the Lord through the trials and obstacles, and to trust God to work on his behalf. 2 Timothy 3:12 says “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” I also love John 16:33, which says “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” God will be with us, no matter what we face. How we need to trust and rely upon Him, through all seasons of life.

God has provided another opportunity for me to disciple another younger Kenyan man in our area. He approached me recently and desires to be taught/grounded through discipleship materials, so I started with him last week. He was encouraged with the first lesson and desires more teachings. At this point, he doesn’t really know his future plans, but he wants to be discipled, and will take the next step that God wants him to take when finishing the discipleship course. This is encouraging and we would ask that you pray for both this opportunity and the ministry in Rafiki. God is in control, and I leave all the results to Him.

Please pray for my wife as she continues to go to the hospital ministry, helps our children wherever she can, and supports me in the opportunities that God provides. She is a true helpmeet and blessing to me and our family. There are many challenges on the mission field, and we greatly desire your prayers for us. Just day to day travel is a big prayer request, as the roads are in bad condition, there are large amounts of traffic on the road, and many overtake without really paying close attention. We trust God for our safety each day, and He is faithful.

We appreciate each of you so much. Thanks so much for your prayers, sacrificial giving, and encouragement. It means so much to us.

Nathan and Carrie Radford
P.O. Box 4150
Kitale, Kenya
East Africa 30200

For ministry donations:
Pastor George Sledd, Treasurer of BFM
P.O. Box 471280
Lake Monroe, FL 32747-1280
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